Lay me down some day

I know it's comin'

There'll be dirt in my veins

Today I'm still runnin'

'till I'm gone gone gone...    'till I'm gone gone gone...

I'm Gonna Keep It Rough and Ready

I'm Gonna Keep This Up Till Ya Follow

Oh oh oh! Oh oh! Till I'm Buried

Oh! Till I'm Gone. Till I'm gone gone gone

I Hear The Rat Tat Tat 

The Sis Boom Bap

Of A Thousand Shakin' Souls

They're Kickin' Out The Jams

Pulls Me Into

The Sounds Of New And Old

new and old. !

They Say Come Out and Play

Stamp your Feet

Keep it Wild and Loose and Uneven

'cause you can get away with whatever you want

just make sure to keep up your breathing

I'm Gonna Keep It Up

I'm Gonna Keep It Up

I'm Gonna Keep It Up

Till I'm Gone!




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